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Welcome to the 2019 Telegraph Hill Festival registration process

Dates for the 25th Telegraph Hill Festival in 2019 have yet to be fixed. It is likely the bulk of events will take place between late March and mid April 2019. We will confirm the dates as son as they are fixed.
In the following sections we'll get some details from you such as your name and contact details, before asking about your idea and how you plan to deliver it.   We'll also tell you more about us and how we work.

Please note - this first form is about inviting discussion and sharing thoughts. We'll send you a second form which will require a lot more detail and which will be part of guaranteeing a slot in the programme. Please bear that in mind.

Mentoring - In addition to a simple checklist, we can also provide you with access to a more experienced organiser of events within the Festival, someone to mentor your first steps into becoming part of this 24 year old institution.
Would you like a mentor to spend half an hour with you to help you define your checklist ahead of your event? *

*Our aim is to build and sustain a strong sense of community by ensuring that all members of our community are involved in, and engaged by, the festival.

But, there are limits, space, time and organisational capacity are not infinite. So, we prioritise events taking place within our main catchment, Telegraph Hill - take a look:

How we do this*
We reach out to past event organisers.   We contact local groups which are part of the Telegraph Hill Assembly.   We put the shout out via a public meeting (this year in May at a date TBC) and through social media groups within the area.

We also offer mentoring for new event organisers, and a 'how to' checklist for areas like Health & Safety.

We ensure a mix of free and low-cost events at various times during the day and across the whole Festival to ensure that everyone can participate.

Why we do it this way?
Telegraph Hill Festival is run on a voluntary basis.   We all have demanding full-time jobs, and time is tight.   No one involved with the Festival is paid - we all volunteer, and that would include you too.

How does the Festival work financially?
Since being set-up 24 years ago, proceeds from previous Festivals have been ploughed back in to making the next one.   We don't make a profit.   It's called self-funding.   It's a simple idea, and it works.

We'll be 25 in 2019 so we've not done too badly.

The Festival simply provides an umbrella for event organisers like you. Responsibility for your event's content, promotion and emphasis remains with you.
Happy with that?

What's your full name? *

Your first name and family name will do
What's your postcode *

Note: we do ask that people taking part in Telegraph Hill Festival live within Telegraph Hill or close by, and that events or activities you propose take place at venues within the area.
What's your email address? *

We need your email address so that we can contact you
Is there a phone number we can reach you on? *

We'd normally email you, but just in case, having your number helps us get in touch in an emergency
Thank you - now we'll get on to the exciting part.   What's your idea - a rough outline will do?

Is your idea about one or more of the following? *

Outline your idea *

Include things like who the event or activity is for, what you intend to do, and what your potential audience or participants will get out of it.   We'll cover 'how it happens' in another section.
Do you already have an idea of how you might make this happen? *

Please answer as fully as possible by outlining how you see your idea or activity coming to life. Use this section to tell us about any materials you may use or need.
How many people will be helping to run your event or activity? *

By this, we mean the number of people who will deliver your idea - this includes activity leaders, helpers and so on. We're looking to you to provide your own team to help make your event happen.   We'll take care of the publicity and bookings, leaving you to set-up and take down the event or activity.
Now, how many participants or audience numbers do you envisage your event attracting? *

We appreciate this may be an unknown, but if you are a choir or collective of artists putting on an event, even a new one, you might have an idea of how many people you would like to attract in order to call it a 'success', so give us that number.
Tell us what you think you may need, and we'll discuss it with you *

For example, will you need a screen and projector, a PA and mics, or perhaps a simple playback machine?   Tell us what you'll need in as much detail as you can.
Thank you - we're almost there!   Just a few more questions and we'll be done.   Deep breath ...

How long is your event or activity likely to be? *

By this we mean, how long will participants or audiences be expected to be there.   One hour?   Two hours?   Or just half an hour?
Would you be willing, if your event or activity is short, to be part of a mini-programme of similar events? *

e.g. What we mean is this ... "if your event or activity falls into a 'wellbeing' category, would you object to it being run as part of a series of similar events and activities in a half-day mini programme?"
Licensing, Health & Safety *

Do think about whether material you might be performing needs a license or copyright release.

You will be required to carry out a risk assessment in due course.   If your event idea is programmed as part of the Festival, we strongly recommend that you think about Health and Safety in relation to the venue/s you've told us about, consider your target audience and their needs (accessibility for people with resticted mobility or parents/guardians with prams, refreshment etc,).

Please outline these requirements below
Telegraph Hill Festival is about working with all members of our community.   Events are held across Telegraph Hill Ward, though we do make some exceptions to the boundaries to include events at New X Learning and Goldsmiths College ( see map - ).

Share your thoughts on venues you see your event taking place in. *

Participating Venues: Telegraph Hill Centre (various options) ; St Catherine’s Church (main Church) ; Hill Station Cafe ; The Telegraph at the Earl of Derby (upstairs or in the back of the ground floor) ; Besson Street Gardens ; The White Hart; Hillview Community Centre, Kitto Road ; The Golden Anchor ; NewX Learning ; Telegraph Hill Playclub ; NOAK ; waterintobeer ; The Montague Arms (TBC) ; Barnes Wallis Centre ; Children's Centre, Wallbutton Road, Goldsmiths College; Brockley Deli (TBC) ; Masala Wala (TBC) ; The Nunhead Gardener (TBC) ... and we're working on more options.
And finally, what time or day/dates do you think would suit your event?  What time(s) of day/day of week do you have in mind? *

Is it a daytime workshop aimed at stay-at-home parents with toddlers say, or is it more of a pint-in-hand pogo in the pub to punk event?   If it's a workshop style event, how many times will it take place, and when?

We're not going to make promises at this stage.   We need to see how all your ideas fit within the whole programme before we can make a recommendation.   It's on that basis that we may come back to you with a suggested change of dates/times/venue, and this will usually be to prevent a clash with a similar event, or where another event is of a scale which may affect attendance at yours.

We'll know more towards the end of January 2019, sooner if we can.
You're amazing.   It is an effort thinking all that through, but it does make a positive difference to planning.   You can find out more about us by visiting our website.   We'll be back to you in the coming months.

Thank you for your interest in putting on an event as part of Telegraph Hill Festival, and thanks for your time too.
Visit our website - click here
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