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Welcome to the 2018 Telegraph Hill Festival volunteer registration process

Telegraph Hill Festival 2018 will take place between 10 and 25 March

In the following sections we will get some details from you such as your name, address, and contact details, before sharing a little more about how you can volunteer, and what we need help with.

Everyone involved with the Festival volunteers - so you'll be part of a dedicated and hardworking team who are the bedrock of the Festival.   It's a great way to meet people and get involved with your community.

What's your name? *

Your first name and family name would be great.
What's your email address? *

We will need to send you some briefing notes ahead of arranging a face-to-face session where we walk you through certain scenario and answer your questions.
What's your phone number? *

We may need to call you, and if we do having this information would be great.
What skills do you have that could help us?   For example, are you a dab hand at setting up a PA or Lighting Rig?   Perhaps, your experience and skills are better suited to managing the box office at events?   Or perhaps your time is tight, but you could manage delivering some programmes a couple of weeks ahead of the Festival, or setting up some chairs for events?

It's all good - and nothing is too little.   Tell us what you might be able to help with. *

And it really can be anything.   One year someone kindly set up 20 bud vases with daffodils - it was all they could manage and it lit up the room like nothing else could.   There are lots of ways to get involved.
Telegraph Hill Festival runs from 10 - 25 March 2018.  

Events take place during the day as well as evenings across the 16 days of the Festival.   You don't have to work across the whole Festival, and you are welcome to pick and choose days and times that work for you.   About two weeks before the Festival, for example, you could help us with programme delivery if that works better for your availability.   It all helps.

Give us an idea of what days / times suit you? *

Thank you - you are truly amazing for signing up.  

We will be in touch to sort out the details of how you can get involved in the next few weeks.
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