Telegraph Hill Festival 2018
We've received some feedback already. We want to know what could have gone better. It helps us to improve things. This survey is anonymous.
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We had more volunteers stepping up this year.   Huge thanks are due to every one of them and to our core supporters, St Catherine's Church, Telegraph Hill Centre, Hill Station and Goldsmiths. They keep the positive energy of the Festival and the wider community going, helping to make where we live an even better place.

Which events did you attend? *

Just list the events you went to - don't worry about dates/times.
How would you rate the events you attended? *

We all volunteer - but we also want to make things as professional as we can.   Your feedback will help. On a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 is really bad, and 5 is very good), please rate your satisfaction with what you attended.
Of the events you attended, which aspects did you particularly like? *

The novelty?   The sense of fun?   The opportunity to explore, or think about/see things differently?   Please give as full an answer as you can.
Of the events you attended, what did you feel did NOT work so well? *

Constructive feedback will help us make things better.
Were the venues, and the facilities within them, to your satisfaction? *

... Diversity of opinion about a work of art shows that the work is new, complex and vital.

Oscar Wilde

What did you miss that you wanted to see, and why? By this we mean things that weren't in the program but which you would have liked to be included (bear in mind, we rely on people to develop their own ideas).

Is this the first time you've attended a Telegraph Hill Festival event?   And if not, could you tell us which others you have attended? *

Were you aware of, and did you try, the food at any of the events? *

Food was available at the Quiz Night; Telegraph Hill Sings; Classics on the Hill. In addition, we had snackpots at Edmund Waller Youth Orchestra, and the Southwark Sinfonia workshops and performance.
Anything else? Use this space for any other feedback. *

One last chance ... anything else?

Did you organise an event?   Was there something you wanted to share with us relating to that event?   Go on, don't be shy now.   Unless we know about a problem/issue we can't do anything about it.
Thanks ever so!
We REALLY hope you enjoyed the 2018 Telegraph Hill Festival. See you again soon as we kick off planning for 2019!

We all volunteer.   We always need hands on help.   Do feel free to join in.
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